Farrar, Orion Reed 15.apr.1866-b1920 USA Indiana, Indianapolis Bridgeport - ?, ?
bandmaster, 1880 the family moved to Gosport Indiana and shortly after to Warren Ohio, 1885 studied cornet and composition at Dana Musical Institute in Warren, 1889-1896 taught brass instruments and was bandmaster at Dana Musical Institute, 1894 member of Old Erie Masonic Lodge No.3 until 1904 when he was expelled for non-payment of dues, 1896 founded the Indiana State Band at Logansport, 1898-1899 bandmaster of the Ohio State Band in Warren, 1899 moved to Youngstown Ohio where he was bandmaster of the Youngstown Military Band and 1903 of the Mahoning Orchestra, 1904 he abandoned music and became insurance agent for the Youngstown Dollar Bank, 20.dec.1905 he was offered the position of bandmaster of the New Merchants Band in Lima Ohio which he rejected because he already had a high position as agent for Ohio, Indiana and Michigan for Reliance Life Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, he did however conduct the Merchants Band at Faurot Opera House Lima 30.dec.1905 which was his very last known musical activity, 1912-1913 he was president of the Columbus Securities Co. in Indianapolis while residing in New York City, 19.nov.1913 along with four companions he was arrested in New York City and had to appear before the US court in Waterloo Iowa on charge of aiding in embezzling the funds of the Atlantic National Bank of Providence, he was acquitted but Edward P Metcalf and Henry E DeKay were sentenced to prison while 'beef baron'/writer John Wesley DeKay fled to Europe where he was caught by Scotland Yard 11 years later, taken back to the US and imprisoned, 27.oct.1915 he founded Midland Underwriters Association insurance brokery in Albert Lea Minnesota where he also took residence, he had died by 1919 because 1920 his wife had settled as widowed music teacher in Long Beach California ; son of shoemaker John Farrar (England jun.1839-1902 Warren) and boots & shoes shopkeeper Amanda Wilson (Indiana jun.1840-?1906 Youngstown) ; 28.jun.1892 in Onarga Illinois he married music teacher Sarah G Kennedy (Ohio, West Jefferson 24.jan.1869-22.nov.1961 California, Yolo) 1920-1951 as widowed music teacher residing at 125 Elm Avenue in Long Beach ; son Frederick W (Onarga 6.sep.1893-) ; daughter Minnie R (Onarga 27.jun.1895-) died shortly after birth ; son Orion R (15.dec.1897-) died shortly after birth

Title Parts

[L] Bombasto. Circusmarch. 1895
Eastman Wind Ensemble / Frederick Fennell. r1957

[] Cupid in camp. Comic opera in 3 acts
libretto by George S. McGuigan
copyright Orion R. Farrar and George S. McGuigan, Youngstown, Ohio 16oct1902

[] Hi Henry's triumphal. March. Band
copyright Sarah Farrar, Long Beach, California, as the widow of the author. 27feb1928

[] D. M. I. march. Band
pub and copyright J. D. Cook. Warren, Ohio 11jul1898

[] Col. Roosevelt's march. For pianoforte
pub and copyright Harry Coleman, Philadelphia 16sep1898

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