Fillmore, Frederick 'Fred' Augustus 15.may.1856-15.nov.1925 USA Illinois, Paris - Ohio, Cincinnati
organist, music teacher, farmer, member of the Fillmore Brothers publishers in Cincinnati, 1900-1920 he resided as music teacher and composer with his wife and 4 children in the borough of Columbia in Cincinnati, 1920 he was only called farmer while he remained vice president of Fillmore Brothers until death, 1925 at time of death he resided at Terrace Park, he was buried at Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati ; son of composer Augustus Dameron Fillmore ; brother of the composers James Henry sr. and Charles Millard ; 25.nov.1886 he married Laura Ferris Moore (Cincinnati 9.nov.1867-a1942 Cincinnati)

Title Parts

[] Fillmore's Male Choir. Gospel hymn collection. No. I & II
[] Fillmore's Women's Choir. Gospel hymn collection
compiled by Charles H. Gabriel, who wrote some of the hymns

[] Anthem Praise. Anthem collection
[] Every day for Jesus
[] Safe while Jesus watches
[] Only Jesus
[] We believe
[] Christ our refuge
[] Watch and pray
[] Sowing the seed
[] Seeds of promise
[] A sparrow falleth
pub Lorenz Music Publishing Co., Dayton Ohio

[] Let your light shine
[] All will be well
[] Salvation is free
[] Land of the beautifull
[] When the waiting time
[] Thy will be done
[] Come to me
[] Jesus, I am coming now
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