Fock, Dirk 18.jun.1886-24.may.1973 Dutch, born Indonesia Java, Batavia / 1898 Den Haag / 1919 New York - Switzerland Locarno, Orselina
conductor, pianist, studied in Amsterdam and under Dr. Muck in Berlin, 1907 conductor in Berlin, 1911 at the Kurfurstenopera Berlin, 1913-1915 in Goteborg and Stockholm Sweden, 1917-1919 of the Amsterdam Concertgebouworkest and Den Haag Residentieorkest, 12.oct.1917 while living in The Hague as pianist he founded the Hollandsch Sextet with members of the Residentieorkest A Best fl, D P W van Emmerik ob, A Wilt cl, C vd Berg hn, C J van Heyst bn, 1919-1924 conductor in New York, 12.apr.1920 debut at Carnegie Hall, 13.mar.1921 with Mrs. E H Harriman founder of the City Symphony Society of New York, 18.nov.1922 founder of the New York City Symphony Orchestra, 1924-mar.1927 at the Wiener Konzertverein Vienna, 1925-dec.1926 teacher at the Wiener Musikhochschule Vienna, 1928 settled in New York, 3.dec.1945 naturalized American

son of Dirk Fock sr. (Wijk-bij-Duurstede 19.jun.1858-17.oct.1941 Den Haag) 1880-1898 lawyer in Semarang and Batavia and 1921-1926 governor-general of the Dutch East Indies in Batavia ; until 1918 married to Daisy Alice Gertrude Johnson ; 6.aug.1923-oct.1926 married to singer and violinist Consuelo Flowerton (New York 1902-21.dec.1965 New York) ; 17.dec.1926 in Vienna he married Editha Fineberg Ray Simonds (San Francisco 1884-) ; before 1938 he married Christine Suze Moltzer (Netherlands, Amsterdam 1905-) ; daughter of Dirk and Consuelo is actress Nina Foch (Netherlands, Leiden 20.apr.1924-5.dec.2008 Los Angeles), 1926 custody was given to Dirk by the Den Haag court, 1932 to Consuelo by the New York court

[in the USA his official name remained Fock but he was generally named Foch]

Title Parts

Valse nostalgique. Piano. op43/1
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1947
Frank Peters

[] Violin concerto
[] Sonata in a. Piano. op1
pub N. Simrock, T. B. Harms, New York 1914

[] Drei balladen. Piano. op3/2
pub Zimmermann, Leipzig 1913

[] Concert prelude "Blacksmith". Piano
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1920

[] Cycle of love songs
words Alice Mattullath (pseud for Alice Gies, b.1883 Germany)
pub Luckhardt, New York 1921

[] Seven songs
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1922
[] - Mystic night
[] - A Chinese ode
[] - Sage advice
[] Three songs. op12
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1931
[] 1 - O du lose kleine rose (Naughty rosebud). words Hafiz-Daumer
[] 2 - Laurella. words P. Heyse
[] 3 - Die grabblume (The graveyard flower). words J. Mosen
[] Trois chants (Three songs). op13
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1921

[] Cinq morceaux de concert. Violin and piano. op17
pub Composers Music Corp., New York 1921
[] 2 - Prelude
[] - Air triste
[] - Tarantelle
[] Four songs by Maurice Maeterlinck. op18
english words Alice Mattullath (pseud for Alice Gies, b.1883 Germany)
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1920
[] 1 - Quand l'amant sortit (When love went his way)
[] 2 - J'ai cherche trente ans, mes soeurs (Thirty years I've sought)
[] 3 - La Vierge chantant (The Virgin sings)
[] 4 - Et s'il revenait aujour
[] Four songs. op19
words Friedrich Hebbel and Georg Friedrich Daumer
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1931
[] 1 - Hochstes gebot (Be kind to every human heart)
[] 2 - Sie sehn sich nicht wieder (Forever parted)
[] 3 - Wenn du nur zuweilen lachelst (If you smile)
[] 4 - Zu pferd, zu pferd (To horse)
[] Drei stimmungen ( Three moods). 3 Songs. Male voice and piano. op20
words Hafez
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1926

[] A cycle of songs from the chinese. Soprano and piano. op26
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1921

[] Java sketches. Piano. op46
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1948

[] Hero and Leander. Opera. 1923
libretto after Grillparzer

[] Ein hohes lied, 5 fragments from the bible. Speaker, voice and orchestra. Leipzig 1930
Ludwig Wullner, Concertgebouworkest / Pierre Monteux. Amsterdam 1930

[] From Aeon to Aeon. Musical pageant in the style of medieval mystery play
[] Straw wedding. Play
[] Babcock and the nightingale. Play in 2 acts
libretto Richard Tyndall (pseudonym)
copyright New York 24nov1946

[] Brownstone citadel. Play in 3 acts
libretto Richard Tyndall (pseudonym)
copyright New York 5sep1946

[] No time for the angels. Mystery play in 3 acts
copyright New York 5sep1946

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