Frankenstein, Abraham Frankum (Franckum) 7.mar.1873-30.nov.1934 USA Illinois, Chicago - California, Los Angeles (car accident)
violinist, cornetist, studied violin with Simon E Jacobsen and Adolf Rosenbecker at Chicago Musical College, studied cornet with Alfred F Weldon and James Llewellyn, cornetist of the Second Regiment Band and violinist of the Chicago Orchestra under Rosenbecker, 1893 conductor at Lyceum Theatre Memphis, 1894-1895 at Empire Theatre Quincy Illinois, 1896-1897 of the Grau Orchestra, 1897-1898 at Calhoun Opera, 1898-a1920 of the orchestra of the Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles, he organized the Shrine Al Malaikah Temple Band ; son of clothing storekeeper Samuel Frankenstein (Poland, Dobrzyca 25.jul.1826-17.nov.1889 Chicago) and Dora Miloslawski (Poland 1833-31.jan.1915 Chicago) ; 9.aug.1892 in Waukesha Wisconsin he married Loretta Langdon (Illinois 15.jun.1875-4.mar.1942 Los Angeles), divorced without children 1912 ; 15.sep.1914 in Los Angeles he married Gertrude Minor Lutgens Scott (California, Solana 24.may.1885-8.sep.1968 Los Angeles) divorced ; legitimated son Frederick Hays Frankenstein at time of death named Frederick F Hays (Pasadena 2.aug.1915-30.nov.1983 Los Angeles), son Albert Gutterson Scott Frankenstein at time of death named Albert F Scott (Los Angeles 3.feb.1918-10.may.2001 California, Santa Rosa)

Title Parts

[] Hawaiian blend march. Piano
also arranged for band by Abraham F. Frankenstein
copyright A. F. Frankenstein, Los Angeles 3dec1901

[] I love you California. Song
words and copyright Francis Bernard Silverwood (1863-1924) 1913
pub Hatch and Loveland Music Printers, Los Angeles, California 1913
copyright Fred Frankenstein and Albert G. Frankenstein, Glendale, California 14oct1940
adopted as State song for California 26 April 1951

[] Is your blood red, white and blue? Song and chorus
words William R. Cushman
pub William R. Cushman, Los Angeles 28apr1917
copyright Fred Frankenstein Hays, Glendale, California and Albert G. Frankenstein, Los Angeles 16mar1945

[] Golden West Commandery march. Band
pub Neville Marple Music Co., Los Angeles 24mar1925

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