Furstenberg, Joseph E (stagename Joe Furst) 22.sep.1898-11.jun.1973 USA NY, New York - NY, New York
pianist, orchestra leader, of Polish parents, 1920-1924 as pianist and music teacher residing with his parents at 325 Belmont Avenue Newark NJ, 1929 as musician with his parents at 22 Huntington Terrace Newark, 1930 as orchestra leader residing at Fifth Avenue New York Manhattan, 1931 as 'the latest dance band sensation' played with his Joe Furst Orchestra including harp, steel guitar and 2 pianos on a film set in Hollywood and at The Village Barn in New York, 1931-1933 in his own radio show on New York NBC radio, 1933 he had formed the Village Barn Orchestra, 1933 residing at 1 Christopher Street New York City, 7.sep.1933 returned from a trip to England, 1964 accompanist at a concert by Johnny Nash, 1969 honkytonk pianist at Hotel New Yorker's Lamp Post Corner ; son of president of Climax Crib Co. Benjamin Furstenberg (Poland jan.1876-) and Rose (Poland mar.1877-) ; 30.dec.1928 he engaged and 1929 married public school teacher Jeannette Lipka (New York City 29.jun.1908-a1973)

Title Parts

[L] Showpan boogie. Piano. 1949
other title: Got a minute? aspects on Chopin's Minute waltz
arr of Chopin's Minute waltz op64/1
Fredrik Ullen. BIS 1083

[] Chopiano
Chopin preludes for the piano, with study notes by Guy Maier
Show piano, two solos for piano, adapted from Chopin
copyright Joe Furst 28feb1949
publisher and copyright Oliver Ditson Co., Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 8jun1949
in Music education series, no. 430-41000
[] 1 - Chopin's Minute waltz op64/1. arr. by Joe Furst
[] 2 - Chopin's Nocturne op9/2. arr. by Joe Furst
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