Haydn, reverend John Armour 5.mar.1845-21.may.1920 Ireland, Tallow - Limerick
played many instruments, 1.jul.1862 entered Trinity College Dublin, 1866 BA in divinity, 1870 MA, 1871 obtained LL.BN. and LL.D. degrees, 1868 ordained deacon of the Church of Ireland, 1869 ordained priest for the diocese of Limerick, 1873-1918 rector of Nantenan, 1891 canon of the diocese of Limerick, preacher at St Mary's Cathedral Limerick where chants were often sung to his settings, 1901-1911 as clergyman living with wife, son, daughter and very modestly with only 1 servant at 2 Curraheen North in Nantinan, 1906-1912 prependary of St. Munchins and treasurer of the diocese of Limerick, 1913-1920 archdeacon of Limerick, 1920 residing at 26 Barrington Street ; 29.apr.1873 in Rathdown he married Louisa Sarah Young (Northern Ireland, Annaguinea 1845-5.mar.1916 Limerick)

Title Parts

[] The Rappel. Song
words A. R. Lloyd
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London 1887

[] Lord Ullin's daughter. Trio
the poetry by T. Campbell
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London & New York 1888

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