Hoch, Theodor 9.jan.1842-13.feb.1906 Germany, Finsterwalde - USA NY, New York Brooklyn
cornetist, grew up in Spremberg where his father was town musician, after 1852 the family moved to Berlin where he joined the band of the Kaiser Franz Guard Grenadiers Regiment, 1867 he played in this band at the Paris Exposition, 31.may.1872 he made a trip with the 50 piece band to the USA, later he considered this date as his emigration to the USA, 1876 the band played at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, until 1880 he was solo cornetist in the Bilse Capelle in Berlin, 1878 playing at the Schwarz Concerthaus in Riga, 15.jul.1880 settled permanently in New York City, 17.sep.1891 naturalized American, 1896-1906 residing at 1055 Halsey Street Brooklyn ; 1881 in New York he married Emilie Bauder (Berlin 22.jul.1844- / 1865 emigrated to the USA and 1920 still living at 1055 Halsey)

[Bierley 1991 gives erroneously born Spremberg]

Title Parts

Nordische fantasie. Cornet and piano. op20
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