Lubbock, Mark Hugh 17.nov.1898-10.nov.1986 England Kent, Downe - London Kensington
conductor, light opera historian, 1.jan.1899 baptized at Chislehurst Kent, studied at Eton College in Windsor Berkshire and the Kurt Striegler Orchesterschule in Dresden, conductor of Shaftesbury Theatre, 1933-1944 light music conductor with BBC Radio, conductor of the West End Shows ; son of lieutenant Hugh Neville Lubbock (Kent, North Cray 6.dec.1865-7.nov.1938 Hampshire, Christchurch) and Margaret Agnes Tiarks (Surrey, Streatham 18.jun.1866-18.apr.1959 London Surrey) ; 15.jan.1930 in Kensington he married Beatrice 'Bea' Isabel Howe (Kent, Chislehurst 21.dec.1898-jun.1992 London Kensington)

Title Parts

[L] Fiesta. Orchestra
Queen's Hall Light Orchestra / Robert Farnon

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