Mommers, Fons 1947- Netherlands, Hilvarenbeek
pianist, teacher piano, 1965-1975 studied piano with Polo de Haas and Theo Bles and theology/philosophy at Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg, studied music theory, music analysis and composition with Henk Stoop and Alexander Hrisanide, 1975-1990 teacher philosophy and research work at the faculties philosophy and sociology of religion at Tilburg University, since 1991 dedicated himself to music and composing

Title Parts

[N] Horrel. Saxophone quartet
Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet. Frido ter Beek s, Sander Beumer t, Michiel van Dijk a, Marc Scholten bt/b. Kin Records K01.2004

2004-09-12 22:45:50