Noack, Kurt 13.feb.1895-7.may.1945 Germany, ? - Berlin (buried Potsdam)
trumpeter, 1924 bandmaster at Hotel Preussenhof in Stettin (Szczecin), 1932 musician at the Berliner Komodienhaus at Schiffbauerdamm 25 and residing at Posener Strasse 6 in Berlin, 1937-1941 as musician residing at Barnimstrasse 47, while residing in Berlin he died as victim of World War II, the battle of Berlin ended on 2 May 1945 and fighting outside Berlin continued until 8 May, so he died at the very end of the war, which was the reason why he at least had an honorable burial at the jewish cemetery Storkow Mark Friedhof in Potsdam near Berlin

[his dates are often confused with those of botanist Kurt Noack (Stuttgart 22.jan.1888-10.nov.1963 Berlin)]

Title Parts

[L] Heinzelmannchens wachtparade. Piano. 1912. op5
arr Tilo Medek
Salonorchester Colln

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