Nono, Jose 31.dec.1776-31.dec.1845 Spain Girona, San Juan de las Abadesas - Burgos, Aranda de Duero
theorist, writer on music, music teacher, 1802 in service of the Duke of Osuna in Madrid where he composed more than thirty operas, 1805 member of the Royal Chapel of Charles IV, 1816-1832 he founded and directed a music conservatory in Madrid which had to close 1822-1829 because of the civil war, 1833 professor of music theory at the Real Conservatorio de Maria Cristina in Madrid

[31 December as dates of birth and death seem to be the real dates]

Title Parts

Symphony in F 1 - Romance
2 - Minuet
3 - Allegro
(part 4 in sonata form is lost)
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