Park (nee Reynolds), Maria Hester 29.sep.1760-7.jun.1813 England, ?Oxford - London Hampstead
harpsichordist, pianist, teacher of music to the duchess of Devonshire and her daughters, 1772-1779 pianist in the orchestra of the Oxford Music Room in Oxford (the father of Maria Frances Parke, John Parke was oboist in this orchestra), 1785 she lived in London, 12.jun.1813 buried at Acton St Mary Ealing ; 17.apr.1787 at St James Westminster she married engraver and poet Thomas Park (1759-3.dec.1835 London Hampstead, buried Acton St Mary Ealing)

[not to confuse with Maria Frances Parke (1772-1822)]

Title Parts

[] Sonatas. Piano and violin. 1785. op1
dedication Countess of Uxbridge
published as Maria Hester Reynolds

[] 3 Sonatas. Piano. c1786. op2
published as Maria Hester Reynolds

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