Parsons, Robert c1535-25.jan.1571 England, ?Exeter - Newark on Trent

Title Parts

Ave Maria. Motet 5vv
Mister Parsons his or The songe called trumpetts. (Lusti gallant) (Cante cantate). 6 Viola da gambas
Rose Consort of Viols

Pour down you pow'rs divine. on text Pandolpho. Voice and viols
Catherine King m, Rose Consort of Viols

Ut re mi fa sol. Consort
Rose Consort of Viols

De la court
Rose Consort of Viols

The song called trumpets. Instruments
Daphna Mor, Piffaro: Christa Patton, Grant Herreid, Greg Ingles, Joan Kimball, Robert Wiemken, Priscilla Smith, Tom Zajac. Navona Records 5823

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