Patart (Batardi) (Patardi) (Patarto) (Patartus) (Patavius), Antonio (Antonius) c1560-a1605 Italy, ?Padua - Poland, Warsaw
zinkenist (cornetist), trumpeter, his original italian name is most likely Batardi but from all corrupted spellings Patart is the most used and accepted, 1.sep.1582-1590 in service of archduke Karl II in Graz Austria, 1590-1595 at the Bavarian Hofkapelle in Munchen Germany, 1598-1605 in service of king Sigismund III in Warsaw Poland ; son of cornetist Giovanni Patart (Italy, ?Padua 15??-bef.22.nov.1603 Graz)

[other spellings: Gerber 1812: Patartus, Antonius / Eitner 1877: Patartus / Eitner 1900: Patard, Patarto, Batardi (Patart) (Patardi) (Patavius) / RISM 1960: Patarto / Suppan 1962/2009: Patart (Batart) (Battart) (Batardi) (Patard) (Patarto) / Federhofer 1967: Patart (Pattart) (Pentart) (Petart) (Batard) (Battart) / Grove 1980/2002: Patart (Batardi) (Partart) (Patard) (Patarto) (Pedardo) (Pedart) / MGG1 1986/MGG2 2005: Patart / Basso 1988: Patart (Padart) (Petard)]

Title Parts

[] Missa 8 vocum. Double choir
ms Stadtbibliothek Danzig Germany
Batardi (Patardi) (Patavius), Antonius [Eitner 1900]
other parts are lost
[] Cantiones 6 vocum, p. 2
in Florileg Portens, Bodenschatz
Patartus, Antonius [Gerber 1812]

[] (no compositions mentioned). Kreisarchiv
Patard (Patart), Antoni [Eitner 1900]

[] Vir inclyte Stanislae, 6 vocum. 1604
in Vincenti Lilius' Melodiae sacrae, Lazari et B. Skalski, Krakow 1604
Patarto, A. [RISM 1960]
Patarto, Antonius [Eitner 1877]
Patart, Antonio [MGG1 1986]

[] Quam dilecta tabernacula tua, Et enim passer, 6 vocum. Motet
in Erhard Bodenschatz' Florilegii Musici Portensis (no.48), Abraham Lamberg, Leipzig 1621
Patarto, A. [RISM 1960]
Patartus, Ant. [Eitner 1877]
Patarto, Antonius [Eitner 1900]
Patart, Antonio [MGG1 1986]
[rem: notice that Eitner 1877 professionally and reliably gives the name as it appears on the manuscript, while RISM amateurish and unreliably changed the name at will]

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