Petersburski (ne Melodysta), Jerzy 20.apr.1895-7.oct.1979 Poland, Warsaw - Warsaw
jewish pianist, popular song writer, known in russian as Peterburshsky, graduated under Antoni Sygietynski from Warsaw Conservatory, studied piano and conducting in Vienna, with his cousin Artur Gold he founded the Petersburski & Gold Orchestra, 1940 leader of the Belarussian Jazz Orchestra, 1941 evacuated with the Polish Army to Persia, moved to Cairo where he worked for the Polish Radio, 1947 moved to Brasil, 1948-1967 lived in Argentina, moved to Caracas Venezuela after the death of his wife Maria Minkowska during the earthquake in 1967, 1968 returned to Warsaw

Title Parts

[L] O donna Clara (Tango milonga). Song. 1928
Hans Daffke, Salon Orchestra Alhambra

To ostatnia niedziela (The last Sunday). Tango. Tenor and piano. 1933
words Zenon Friedwald
in Russia as Weary sun. Tenor and piano
Pavel Mikhailov, Aleksandr Tsfasman, arr Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga. MKM 210
in Russia as Song of the south. Soprano and piano
words Asta Galla 1936
Klavdiya (Claudia) Shulzhenko (1906-1984), Mikhail Korik. RCD 26802

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