Rakowski, David Charles Randolph 13.jun.1958- USA Vermont, St Albans

Title Parts

Etudes. Piano
Amy Briggs Dissanayake. Bridge Records 9121 & 9157
Book I no1 E-machines
Book I no2 Bam!
Book I no3 Nocturnal
Book I no4 Trillage
Book I no5 Figure 8
Book I no6 Mano a mano
Book I no7 Les arbres embues
Book I no8 Close enough for jazz
Book I no9 Pollici e mignoli or The virus that ate New York
Book I no10 Corrente
Book II no11 Touch typing
Book II no12 Northpaw
Book II no13 Plucking A
Book II no14 Martler
Book II no15 The third, man
Book II no16 Ice boogie
Book II no17 Keine kaskadenjagd mehr
Book II no18 Pitching from the stretch
Book II no19 Secondary dominance
Book II no20 Fourth of habit
Book II no21 Twelve-step program
Book III no22 Schnozzage
Book III no23 You dirty rag
Book III no24 Horned in
Book III no25 Fists of fury
Book III no26 Once bitten
Book III no27 Halftone
Book III no28 You've got scale
Book III no29 Roll your own
Book III no30 A gliss is just a gliss
Book IV no31 Usurpation
Book IV no32 Boogie ninths
Book IV no33 Sliding scales
Book IV no34 Chorale fantasy
Book IV no35 Luceole
Book IV no36 Purple
Book IV no37 Taking the fifths
Book IV no38 Silent but deadly
Book IV no39 Sixth appeal
Book IV no40 Strident
Book V no41 Bop it
Book V no43 Wiggle room
Book V no46 Durchrauscht die luft
Book V no47 Fra Diabolis
Book V no48 What half-diminishes one (Half-diminishes all)
Book V no50 No stranger to our planet
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