Whittaker (ne Woodbridge), Hudson 'Tampa Red' 8.jan.1903-19.mar.1981 USA Georgia, Smithville - Illinois, Chicago Glenwood
blues guitarist, singer, raised by an aunt named Whittaker in Tampa Florida, he adopted Whittaker as surname for the rest of his life, 1920 living and working as farm laborer in Leesburg near Smithville Georgia at the farm of his brother Edward 'Eddie' Woodbridge (Georgia 23.may.1884-apr.1965 Florida, Jacksonville where he had lived since 1924), 1935-1940 as recorder for a recording company residing at 3432 State Street in Chicago

[Sheldon Harris 1979 gives erroneously born 25.dec.1900 ; Larkin 1992 gives erroneously born 8.jan.1904]

Title Parts

[P] Mean and evil woman. Voice, guitar and piano
Tampa Red, Big Maceo. EPM Musique 159072

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