Roberts, Charles J (ne Kraushaar, Karoly) 25.jul.1868-3.aug.1957 Hungary, Munkacs (now Ukraine, Mukacheve) - USA New Mexico, Albuquerque
flutist, arranger, 1882 flutist at the Volkstheater in Kassa/Kaschau Hungary (now Kosice Slovakia), 1883-1889 joined the army as flutist and instructor wind instruments, 1889-1890 studied flute and composition at the Budapest Academy, 4.sep.1890 as Karl with Austrian nationality he emigrated with his wife from Kassa to the USA settling in New York City, where he used the name Carl Kraushaar privately and Charles Kraushaar professionally, flutist in the New York Philharmonic, 1892-1893 toured as flutist with the Mozart Symphony Club, 1895-1910 conductor at Hoffman House in New York, 28.apr.1899 he became naturalized American and changed his name to Charles J Roberts, 1899 employed by Otto Langey and residing at 13 West 113th Street, 1899-1901 he was editor/arranger for Edward Schuberth in New York, 1900 he had left his wife and children who resided at 525 East 83th Street in Manhattan, 1910 he was owner of a music publishing company and resided at 260 West 135th Street in Manhattan, 1920 at 547 West 149th Street in Manhattan, 1920-1945 he was editor/arranger for Carl Fischer New York, 1925-1930 residing at 99 Murray Avenue in Larchmont Mamaroneck, 1940 as music publisher residing at 400 Perkins Street in Oakland California, 1947 at 360 Forest Avenue in Palo Alto California ; 5.aug.1890 in Kassa he married Paulina 'Paula' Roseth (Hungary, Kassa 20.jun.1871-) ; daughter Wilhelmine (New York 15.apr.1891-), son Arthur Abraham (New York 5.jan.1893-), son Ludwig (New York 19.may.1894-) ; 1901 he married Rose (Austria 1872- ; immigrated 1886) ; by 1920 he had married Elizabeth C (Pennsylvania 1884-)

[Bierley 1991 gives his name erroneously as Krauschaar and states erroneously that Charles J Roberts was a pseudonym]

Title Parts

[L] Serenade du tsigane (Serenade du tzigane) "Gypsy serenade". Violin and piano
published and copyrighted by Carl Fischer, New York 5feb1920
earlier published in the "Favorite encore folio" of violinist Fritz Kreisler (Austria, Vienna 2feb1875-29jan1962 USA NY, New York ; who made his first visit to the USA 1jan1905), Carl Fischer, New York 1906
arranged for piano and orchestra by Charles J. Roberts and published by Carl Fischer, New York 30jun1921
London Salon Ensemble. Meridian 84264

[rem: the original composition is ascribed to Charles Robert Valdez, the name Charles Robert Valdez is a pseudonym because only one composition (by a very experienced and skillful composer) exists under this name, probably a pseudonym for either Fritz Kreisler or Charles J. Roberts]

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