Rodriguez Carballeira, Jose 'Arriola, Pepito' 14.dec.1895-24.oct.1954 Spain Coruna, Betanzos - Barcelona
infant prodigy pianist, his birth is commonly known as 14.dec.1896 probably because his mother strongly promoted his prodigy, born out of wedlock his mother Josefina Rodriguez Carballeira of Ferrol registered him in Betanzos with her own names but he used his grandfather's name (Francisco Rodriguez) Arriola, in Ferrol he received his first piano lessons from his mother and his aunt Aurora Rodriguez Carballeira (who murdered her 18 year old daughter Hildegart 9.jun.1933), 2.nov.1899 his mother moved to Madrid, 4.dec.1899 he played at Casa de los senores Montano, 2.feb.1900 he debuted causing a sensation at Ateneo de Madrid, studied piano with Socorro de Otuna at Madrid Conservatory, 1902 Arthur Nikisch took him to Germany to study theory and piano with Alois Reckendorf at Leipzig Conservatory, then settled with his mother and stepfather Dr Osorio in Berlin where he studied piano with Alberto Jonas and toured the world, 28.mar.1906 debuted as pianist with the Berlin Philharmonic, 1906 he played at the Kursaal in Scheveningen Netherlands, 1908 at Royal Albert Hall in London, 1909 at Carnegie Hall in New York, 1910 an extensive tour of Cuba, 1912-1914 in Buenos Aires, 1914 at the Metropolitan in New York, after 1914 his fame soon faded and he established himself as teacher and composer in Berlin, 1946 he returned to Spain where he taught at Palacio de la Musica in Barcelona, many of his compositions were destroyed in the bombing of Berlin during WWII

Title Parts

[] Marcha militar. Piano. op1
dedication: a S.M. el Rey D. Alfonso XIII
pub Almagro y Ca., Madrid 1900
his first composition, at 4 years old, Madrid 23 January 1900
performed by Pepito Arriola at Ateneo de Madrid 2 February 1900
[rem: Mozart wrote his first composition and debuted in public at 5 years old]

[] Pasodoble. Piano. op2
dedication: a S.A.R. la Infanta Dna. Isabel de Borbon
his second composition, at 4 years old, Madrid June 1900

[] Habanera Aurora. Piano. op4
dedication: A mi tia Aurora (To my aunt Aurora)
his fourth composition, at 4 years old, Madrid July 1900

[] Impresiones argentinas. Suite. Piano. op40
dedication: a S.M. la Reina de Espana Victoria Eugenia
published in Mundial Musica (August-September 1916)
[] 1 - Una manana de Agosto soleada
[] 2 - Sabes lo que es amar.. pero inutilmente
[] 3 - Recuerdos lejanos
[] 4 - Suenos felices.. de los que no vuelven
[] 5 - Nobles propositos
[] 6 - En medio de la llanura, una capillita aislada
[] 7 - Frivola y energica
[] Lamento. Voice and piano. op55
words Luis Martinez Kleiser

[] Romance in F. Piano
pub Comet Pub. Co., Denver, Colorado 1911

[] Divertimento concertante. 2 Pianos, flute and strings
pub Bote & Bock, Berlin
Isabelle and Florence Lafitte pianos

[] Concertino para piano e orquestra. 1953
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