Rowell, Alice Jane Thompson 1.jun.1872-3.may.1953 USA Vermont, Greensboro - Albany
born on a farm and from 1875 until death residing at farms in Albany, 1940 at South Albany Road, buried at Hope Cemetery in Waterbury Vermont ; daughter of farmers Isaiah C Thompson (Greensboro 13.may.1844-9.jun.1927 Vermont, Alburgh) and Ellen M Bailey (Vermont, Wolcott 4.nov.1848-29.jan.1875 Greensboro), 1875 adopted by the farmers Tyler M Rowell (Albany 13.jul.1832-17.feb.1902 Albany) and Isabella Anderson Rowell (Vermont, Glover 26.jun.1833-16.jan.1921 Vermont, Craftsbury) ; 3.jul.1890 she married farmer Olin Martin Rowell (Albany 8.jun.1869-16.jan.1956 Vermont, Newport ; son of Mary and Levi True Rowell)

Title Parts

[] A roundelay for old Vermont
words and music Alice J. Rowell
copyrighted and published by Alice J. Rowell, South Albany, Vermont 10aug1926 and 20sep1926

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