Rubinshtein (Rubinstein), Anton Grigoryevich 16/28.nov.1829-8/20.nov.1894 Russia Podolsk (now Moldava), Vykhvatinets - Peterhof near St Petersburg
pianist, 1840-1843 his teacher Aleksandr Villuan took him on a european tour, 1844-1846 studied in Berlin, 1846-1848 lived in Vienna, 1848 returned to St Petersburg, 1859-1867 and 1887-1891 he was director of St Petersburg Conservatory, he extensively toured Europe all his life ; brother of pianist/composer Nikolay

Title Parts

[] Danses nationales. op82 6 - Waltz in F
Valse caprice. Orchestra
Cello sonata no1 in D. Cello and piano. op18
Michal Kanka, Jaromir Klepac. Praga 25021011
1 - Allegro con moto
2 - Allegretto
3 - Allegro molto
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