Russell, Robert Charles (pseud: Kennedy) 15.sep.1883-1.mar.1954 England, London Islington - London Kingsbury
pianist, conductor, educated at Grove House School in Stratford-on-Avon, studied music with James Beasiley at Stratford-on-Avon, with Emile Pessard at the Paris Conservatory, also in Brussels, 1895 debut as pianist at Temperance Institute in Birmingham, 1903 played at Small Queen's Hall in London, conducted opera in the provinces and has appeared as accompanist at Queen's Hall and other London concerts, 1911 employed as theatrical conductor residing at 29 Temple Grove, Golders Green in London Hendon, 1918 at 7 Dunstan Road, Finchley Road, Golders Green in London, he died at Shenley Hospital in Radlett Hertfordshire while residing at 116 Wood Lane in London Kingsbury ; son of engine fitter Charles William Russell (Dorset, Bridport 5.aug.1855-) and Jane 'Joan' Kennedy (Scotland, Edinburgh 1860-) who married 8.sep.1879 in London Shoreditch ; 22.apr.1906 at All Souls Hampstead he married Ellen Mary 'May' Boult (Norfolk, Potter Heigham 1880-) ; daughter Joan Kennedy Russell (London Fulham 1908-)

Title Parts

[L] Dance of the icicles. Orchestra
Lesley Jeffrey Orchestra

[] Dear little jammy face. Song. 1908
[] Young Tom o' Devon. Song. 1909
[] Electric. Valse. Piano, violin and cello. 1910
[] The farmer's pride, a Warwickshire yarn. Song. 1911
[] The Blue Dragoons. Song. 1911
[] The barber of Turin. Song. 1914
[] The three bachelors. Song. 1914
[] For every day. Sacred song. 1920
[] At parting. Song. 1924
[] Poor man's garden. Song. 1926
[] When the children say their prayers. 1935
[] Mickey's toy symphony. Piano. 1935
[] Thank God for all these! Sacred song for medium voice with piano. 1938
[] The church bells of England. Song. 1941
[] When Big Ben chimes. World War song. 1941
[] The waltz of delight. Song. 1942
[] Heaven is round the corner. Song. 1944
theme song from the British National film

[] The nightingale. Piano. 1947
[] The simple things we loved. Song. 1948
[] Qucksilver. Orchestra. 1949
music with Harry Ralton

[] Haste to the fair. Song
[] At Santa Barbara. Song
[] Lochleven. Song
[] Fairies from the moon. Song
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