Schmiedtlein (Schmedeke), Cajus c1555-mar.1611 Germany Dithmarschen, ? - Danzig (now Poland, Gdansk)
organist, first a few years in Hamburg, then in Husum near Dithmarschen, 31.aug.1578 appointed organist at the Sankt Olai Church in Helsingor Denmark, 1580 he left the town because of a disagreement with the town council, the reason was that without the consent of mayor and council he had taken out a mass of pipes and cut them 'damaging the organ which became very incomplete and spoiled', 1.jan.1586 appointed organist for the new organ at the Sankt Marienkirche in Danzig, 1589 he was certified for life even though 'he could not keep his fingers out of the large new organ'

Title Parts

[] Danzig Tabulature. Organ. 1591
including organ works attributed to Schmiedtlein
- Pavane
- Margot labourez "intavolierung nach Orlando di Lasso"
- Phantasia octavi toni
Marek Toporowski chamber organ. West Deutsche Rundfunk Koln TAMH 98
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