Siegfried (Seigfried), Lillie Mahon c1862-19?? USA NY, Buffalo / New York City - ?, ?
she was reared in luxury and 'thoroughly clever', her talent as composer was handed down from her grandfather O'Gorman Mahon of Ireland, 1.may.1893 she was in charge of the music booth at the New York Press Club fair at Grand Central Palace dressed 'in blue and black with blue satin sleeves and a full gathered bertha of black lace with large black dots sewed into it with silk and outlined with blue beads draped up so as to form a lavish bertha and sleeve caps, with it a crescent of diamonds', 1894 the diva Adelina Patti-Nicolini promised her to sing one of her new songs, summer 1894 she spent abroad with musical people of renown, 1893 she had written 45 songs, Theiss bought eight of her songs, 1894 she had written about 75 songs which brought her a good income, by 1893 she used her married name Siegfried ; granddaughter of the politician/adventurer James Patrick O'Gorman Mahon (Ireland, Ennis 17.mar.1800-15.jun.1891 London Chelsea) and Christina O'Brien (Dublin -1877 Paris) ; daughter of St John Mahon (Ireland c1830-22.sep.1883)

[the given pedigree lineage seems to be a fable invented by the newspapers, although there is probably some truth in it]
[newspapers consistently named her Seigfried ; Cohen 1987 gives erroneously Siegried]

Title Parts
Mrs Lillian Siegfried 206 East Yates Street Ithaca Purim at the Masonic Hall Geneva 1945
1937 wid of Louis

[] The old fashioned garden. Song. Park Theatre, New York 1893
words Mrs. Edith Sessions Tupper

[] (title unknown). Operetta. 1893
[] The summer's dream. c1893
[] Karlana overture. c1893
[] Teall waltzes. c1893
dedicated to Oliver Sumner Teall

[] When the rain is falling. Song. 1894
words Edith Sessions Tupper, music Lillie Mahon Siegfried
sung by the tenor Raymon Moore (of San Francisco, born Amsterdam NY)

[] Buy and buy. Song in E flat. Voice and piano
words Walt McDougall
copyright Lillie Mahon-Siegfried 1895
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York 1895
sheet cover text: New York Aug. 21st 1895. The month after date of promise to pay fifteen hundred dollars to L. M. Siegfried or Walt McDougall

[] The beautiful land of Nod. Song
words Ella Wheeler Wilcox

[] Lullabies. Song
[] The sea breeze and the scarf. Song
words Ella Wheeler Wilcox

[] The Japanese lullaby. Song
words Eugene Field

[] I know a little girl. Song
[] Deep as the sea. Song
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