Stanford, Charles Villiers (pseud: Karel Drofnatski) 30.sep.1852-29.mar.1924 Ireland, Dublin - England, London

Title Parts

Clarinet concerto in a. 1904. op80
Piano concerto no2 in c. 1915. op126
Finghin Collins, Ulster Orchestra / Kenneth Montgomery

Cello sonata no1 in A. Cello and piano. 1877. op9
Alison Moncrieff Kelly, Christopher Howell
1 - Andante con moto
2 - Allegro moderato
3 - Allegretto vivace, molto adagio
4 - Allegro
Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd. Choir and organ. 1886
Worcester Cathedral Choir / Harry Bramma, Christopher Robinson

Psalm 83 Hold not Thy tongue O Lord. Choir and organ
Chichester Cathedral / Alan Thurlow, Mark Wardell

Psalm 70 Haste thee O God to deliver me. Choir and organ
Gloucester Cathedral Choir / John Sanders, Mark Lee. Priory 387

Psalm 147 O praise the Lord for it is a good thing. Choir and organ
Members 2005 Charles Wood Summer School. St Patrick's Cathedral Armagh, John Robinson / David Hill

Psalm 148 O praise the Lord of heaven. Choir and organ

Psalm 150 O praise God in his holiness (Laudate Dominum). Choir, trumpet and organ
St John's College Cambridge, Peter Scriven, Philip Scriven / Christopher Robinson

Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt (The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God)
Worcester Cathedral Choir

The Bluebird
Vocal Ensemble Sudwestfunk / Marcus Creed

Magnificat and Nunc dimittis. Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir

Te Deum in B flat. 1879
Chapel Choir of the Royal Hospital Chelsea / Ian Curror, Jeremy Filsell. Priory Records Guild 7146

Stabat Mater. 1907. op96
Ingrid Attrot s, Pamela Helen Stephen m, Nigel Robson t, Stephen Varcoe bt, Darius Battiwalla organ, Ian Watson piano, Leeds Philh Chorus, BBC Philharmonic / Richard Hickox
1 - Prelude. 8:47
2 - Stabat Mater dolorosa. 11:10
3 - Intermezzo. 3:17
4 - Eja Mater, fons amoris. 6:54
5 - Virgo virginum praeclara. 12:48
Requiem. Soprano, mezzosoprano, tenor, bass, choir and orchestra. op63
Frances Lucey, Colette McGahon, Peter Kerr, Nigel Leeson-Williams, RTE Philharmonic Choir, RTE National SO of Ireland / Adrian Leaper. Naxos 8555201

[] Bible songs. op113 - A song of freedom
- A song of trust
Stephen Varcoe baritone, Ian Watson organ. Chandos 9548
[T] The hardy Norse woman. Soprano and piano
pub under pseudonym Karel Drofnatski
Lynne Dawson, Malcolm Martineau. Hyperion 67227

[T] The compleat virtuoso. Soprano and piano
pub under pseudonym Karel Drofnatski
Lynne Dawson, Malcolm Martineau. Hyperion 67227

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