Tavener, John Kenneth 28.jan.1944-12.nov.2013 England, London Wembley - Dorset, Child Okeford

Title Parts

In Alium. Soprano, tape and orchestra. 1968
Eileen Hulse, Ulster Orchestra / Takuo Yuasa

Little requiem for Father Malachy Lynch. Choir and instr. 1972
Westminster Abbey Choir, English Chamber Orchestra / Martin Neary. Sony 66613

* The liturgy of St John Chrysostom. Bass, choir. 1978. op32
6 Russian folksongs. Soprano and instr. 1978
Elise Ross, Nash Ensemble

Akhmatova songs. Soprano and cello. 1980
Evelina Dobracheva, Marc Vossen
1 - Dante
2 - Pushkin and Lermontov
3 - Boris Pasternak
4 - Dvustisthie (Couplet)
5 - Muza (The muse)
6 - Smert (Death)
Great canon of St Andrew of Crete. Chorus a capella. 1981
Tallis Scholars / Peter Phillips

Funeral ikos. Choir. 1981
Westminster Cathedral Choir / James O'Donnell

Akhmatova requiem. Soprano, bass and orchestra. 1981
Phyllis Bryn-Julson, John Shirley-Quirk, BBC SO / Gennadi Rozhdestvensky

The lamb "Little lamb who made thee". Carol. 1982
Groot Omroepkoor / Simon Halsey
Ensemble Amarcord: Wolfram Lattke t, Martin Lattke t, Frank Ozimek bt, Daniel Knauft b, Holger Krause b. Grote of St Bavokerk Haarlem

2 Hymns to the Mother of God. Choir. 1985 1 - In you, O woman full of grace
Canterbury Cathedral / David Flood. York 136
2 - O ye apostles
Westminster Abbey Choir / Martin Neary. Sony 66613
The tyger. Choir. 1987
Westminster Abbey Choir / Martin Neary. Sony 66613

God is with us. Christmas proclamation. 1987
Winchester Cathedral Choir / David Hill. Virgin 545035

The protecting veil. Cello concerto. 1989
Stephen Isserlis, London SO / Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Virgin 759052

Thunder entered her. Soprano, alto, tenor, bass, choir, handbells and organ. 1990
Winchester Cathedral Choir / David Hill, David Dunnett. Virgin 545035

Ikon of the Nativity. 1991
Tavener Choir / Andrew Parrott

Hymns of paradise. Bass, boys choir and 6 violins. 1992
Donald Sweeney, Winchester Cathedral Choir / David Hill. Virgin 545035

The Annunciation. Soprano, tenor, bass and choir. 1992
Patricia Rozario, Leigh Nixon, Graham Titus, Westminster Abbey Choir / Martin Neary. Sony 66613

Song for Athene. Choir and organ. 1993
perf at the funeral of Princess Diana 1997
Westminster Abbey Choir / Martin Neary. Sony 66613

Chant for solo cello. 1995
Claes Gunnarsson

Innocence. Soprano, tenor, bass, cello, bells, organ and choir. 1995
Patricia Rozario, Leigh Nixon, Graham Titus, Alice Neary, Charles Fullbrook, Martin Baker, Westminster Abbey Choir / Martin Neary. Sony 66613

Svyati (O Holy One). Chorus a capella. 1995
Winnipeg Singers, University of Manitoba Singers, Paul Marleyn cello, Winnipeg SO / Andrey Boreyko

The bridegroom. 1999
Anonymous 4, Chilingirian String Quartet. Harmonia Mundi 907274

The bridal chamber. 1999
Polyphony / Stephen Layton. Hyperion 67475

Hymn of dawn. Soprano, baritone, flute, violin and orchestra. 2003
Patricia Rozario, Andrew Rupp, Paul Edmund Davies, Darragh Morgan, Ulster Orchestra / Stephen Layton

[] Mahashakti. Violin, tam-tam and strings. 2003 2 - Mahashakti. Violin, gong and strings
Ruth Palmer, Royal Liverpool PO / Vasily Petrenko. EMI 235134
Two hadiths. Female voices and harp
Canty / Rebecca Tavener, William Taylor. Linn Records 378

The veil of the temple. Soprano, 2 tenors, 2 baritones, 2 basses, 140 voice 4p mixed choir, organ, indian harmonium, duduk, tibetan horn, tibetan bowls, gong, tubular bells, tam-tam, synthesiser and brass
7-hour All-night vigil (score of 850 pages), premiered at the Temple Church London Friday night 27 June 2003 22:00h-05:00h

[rem Tim: Cycle 7 and 8 are among the best choral works I have ever heard, but only Cycle 6 would be more than enough as a build-up to Cycle 7 and 8]
1 - Cycle I in C. Ah! what was there in that candle's light. 24:29
2 - Cycle II in D. Into beauty you have transformed your life. 31:52
3 - Cycle III in E. Neither care nor confinement. 38:51
4 - Cycle IV in F. How I rejoice in sacred bliss. 48:43
5 - Cycle V in G. A communing morn. 61:13
* 6 - Cycle VI in A. As a second sun. 68:42
** 7 - Cycle VII in B. Absolved in the mirror. 63:57
** 8 - Cycle VIII in B/C. Maranatha. Our Lord come!. 48:37
total time 6h:26:24

Extracted free-standing anthems:
1 - You mantle yourself in light
2 - Mother of God here I stand
3 - What God is we do not know
4 - The Lord's prayer

Cycle 7 and 8. Temple Church 1 July 2003 :

Patricia Rozario s, Simon Wall t, Nathan Vale t, Thomas Guthrie bt, Andrew Rupp bt, Adrian Peacock b, Jeremy Birchall b, Choir Temple Church, Holst Singers, Ian Le Grice organ, James Vivian indian harmonium, Dirk Campbell duduk, John Thurgood tibetan horn, Robert Millett percussion, English Chamber Orchestra / Stephen Layton, James Vivian

Concert version from Cycle 1 - 8 :

Performers as above. 2CD BMG/RCA Red Seal 82876661542

Complete. Oude Kerk Amsterdam 25/26 June 2005 :

world premiere radio broadcast
bad performance: the soloists are overshadowed by the choir
Soloists as above, Chris Watson tenor, Nederlands Kamerkoor / Martin Neary, Nederlands Concertkoor / Rob Vermeulen, Residentie Kamerkoor / Jos Vermunt, Nederlands Nationaal Kinderkoor and Nederlands Nationaal Jeugdkoor / Wilma ten Wolde, Colin Walsh organ, Jan Terpstra tibetan horn, Percussion ens, Brass ens / Martin Neary
2000-11-03 23:52:32