Thurner, Jean Theodore (Theodore jeune) 22.jul.1839-30.jun.1904 France Alsace, Delle - Yonne, Sens
pianist, organist, born at maison l'Ecole dite l'Hopital on Rue de l'Hopital in Delle (arr. Belfort), 1848-1849 studied at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1848 2d prix solfege, 1849 aged 10 he won 1er prix piano, at the same time studied harmony with Francois Bazin and counterpoint with Pierre Zimmermann, 1850-1859 organist of eglise Saint-Jean and the Cathedral in Toulon, 1864-1874 professor of piano at the Conservatory in Marseille where he was also organist of eglise Saint-Charles and eglise Saint-Joseph until after 1880, he died aged 64 as professor of music at his home Rue Beaurepaire 5 in Sens ; son of composer Theodore Thurner aine (sr.) and Therese Spinner (Mortzwiller canton Masevaux 18.jul.1808-) ; 11.feb.1863 in Rouffach he married Marie Agathe Meister (Pfaffenheim 9.may.1838-c1900 Sens) pianist and professor of piano in Rouffach, 1889 in Chateau-Renard near Sens, c1900 in Sens ; secondly he married Josephine Hoerler (died bef.1904 Sens)

[Arthur Pougin 1881 gives born 13.dec.1833 Pfaffenheim while he knew it was wrong because in the same article he says Theodore was 13 year old when he won 1er prix piano in 1849, still all subsequent lexica copied his wrong information ; Rene Muller 1970 gives erroneously died 1907 Marseille]

Title Parts

[] Mazurka de salon pour piano. op5
dedication : A mon ami J. Schiffmacher
pub Durand, Schoenewerk et Cie., Paris 1870

[] 2 Valses de salon pour piano
pub Benoit aine, Paris 1865

[] Portrait!
paroles de Hippolyte Matabon
pub M. Carbonel, Marseille 1896

the following compositions are attributed to Theodore Thurner jeune by Arthur Pougin 1881 and probably all correct :
[] Souvenir de Guebwiller. Mazurka pour piano. op5
pub H. Lemoine, Paris 1862

[] 2 Valses dans le style de Chopin, composees pour le piano. op8
pub Meissonnier pere et fils, Toulouse 1861

[] Chanson des matelots. Piano. op15
Le pedale doit etre employee selon l'harmonie (The pedal must be used according to the harmony)
dedication : A Madame Mathilde Arnavon
pub S. Richault, Paris c1877
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston

[] Etude toccata, pour piano. op16
dedication : A Mr. Camille Saint-Saens
pub S. Richault, Paris c1877

[] 2me Polonaise pour piano. 1860
[] 2me Polonaise en re bemol [Arthur Pougin]
dedication : A son ami Francis Plante
pub S. Richault, Paris c1877

[] 2me Valse romantique pour piano
pub M. Carbonel, Marseille 1868

[] Concerto pour piano et orchestre en sol mineur
performed at Theatre Valette, Marseille 1872

[] Souvenir de Valfrais. Polka pour piano
dedication : A Madame Angele Chabert
pub Simon Richault, Paris 1877

[] Sous les pins. Piano
[] Sous les pins, etude. not published before 1880 [Arthur Pougin]
dedication : A son ami Etienne Martin
pub S. Richault et Cie., Paris c1878

[] Humoresque. not published before 1880
[] Pastorale pour orchestre. not published before 1880
[] Trio en re majeur pour piano, violon et violoncelle
[] Six romances sans paroles
pub A. Lemoine, Paris

[] Barcarolle
pub A. Lemoine, Paris

[] Tarentelle
pub A. Lemoine, Paris

[] Sarah la baigneuse
pub A. Lemoine, Paris

[] Moderato
pub Meissonnier pere et fils, Toulouse

[] Wiegenlied
pub Meissonnier pere et fils, Toulouse

[] Polonaise en si mineur
pub S. Richault, Paris

[] Menuet
pub M. Carbonel, Marseille

[] Valse romantique
pub M. Carbonel, Marseille

[] Bluette
pub M. Carbonel, Marseille

[] Barcarolle
pub M. Carbonel, Marseille

[] Scene matinale
pub M. Carbonel, Marseille

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