Toderini, Giovanni 'Gian' Battista 1728-?? Italy, Venice - Venice
abate (priest), studied philosophy in Verona and Forli, he entered the order of Jesuits, 1781-1787 he was send to Constantinople to teach the son of the Ambassador of the Republic of Venice, while in Turkey he studied Turkish manners, customs and arts and on his return to Venice he published his 'Letteratura turchesca' Venice 1787 Giacomo Storti in which he discusses Turkish music exercise (translated in French by Cournand, Paris 1789 and in German by Hauslentner, Konigsberg 1790)

Title Parts

Concertino turco nominato izia semaisi
L'Orient Imaginaire / Vladimir Ivanoff. Teldec 398424573-2
1 - Original version composed by Hicaz Son Yuruk Semai and correctly transcribed by Toderini. Venice 1787
2 - The bad transcription by Marquis de Ferriol. Paris 1715
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