Tsandoulas, Gerasimos Nicolaos (Nicholas) (pseud: F di Arta Angeli) 14.aug.1939- Greece Epirus, Arta
scientist, amateur composer, grew up in Preveza and Corfu, 1955 studied at Exeter Academy in Exeter New Hampshire, graduated from Harvard College in Cambridge Boston Massachusetts, PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, 1979 started to devote time to serious composition, residing on Marco Island Florida

Title Parts

[] Elia (Olive tree). Soprano and piano. 1980
Rhapsody on the poem by L. Mavilis
Johana Arnold, Yolanda Liepa. Opus One LP 83

[] Intermezzo. Orchestra. 1994
Slovak Radio SO / Joel Eric Suben. Opus One 170

[] Pantokrator. Symphonic scherzo for orchestra. 1994
descriptive of a panoramic vista in the town of Preveza, Greece
Slovak Radio SO / Joel Eric Suben. Opus One 170

[] Sta Pesta. Symphonic poem. 1995
celebration of a festival in the village of Pesta in Epirus Greece
Slovak Radio SO / Joel Eric Suben. Capstone 8634

[] Mare nostrum. Symphonic rhapsody. Choir and orchestra. 1998
[] Terra nostra. Triumphant hymn. Choir and orchestra. 2002
[] Greco-Roman requiem. Choir and orchestra. 2002
[] Frossini. Opera. 2000 [] - Intermezzo. 1994
Act II
[] - Elia. Mezzosoprano and orchestra. 1995
[] - Was it August. Soprano and orchestra. 1996
[] - The windmill. Soprano and orchestra. 1997
Act III Scene II (finale)
[] - Calm, storm and sunburst
[] - Frossini at sunset
[] - Contemplation
[] - Revelries and distractions
[] - Anguish
[] - Entrance of the guards and resignation
Stamatina Malakate s, Anna Agathonos m, Slovak Radio SO / Joel Eric Suben. Capstone 8662
2005-05-19 17:20:30