Turle, James 5.mar.1802-28.jun.1882 England Somerset, Taunton - London Westminster

Title Parts

Psalm 25 Ad te Domine levavi. Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir / John Scott, Andrew Lucas

? Psalm 28 Unto Thee I will cry. Choir and organ
? Psalm 29 Bring unto the Lord o ye mighty. Choir and organ
St Bride's Church London / Robert Jones, David Soar

Psalm 32 Blessed is he whose unrighteousness. Choir and organ
Salisbury Cathedral Ch / Simon Lole, David Halls

Psalm 33 Exultate justi. Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir, Andrew Lucas / John Scott. Hyperion 11003

Psalm 78 Attendite popule (Hear my law O my people). Choir and organ
Southwark Cathedral Choir / Peter Wright, Stephen Disley

Psalm 86 Inclina Domine (Bow down thine ear O Lord). Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir / John Scott, Andrew Lucas. Hyperion 11007

Psalm 119 vv1-32 Blessed are those that are undefiled. Choir and organ
Southwell Minster Choir / Paul Hale, Philip Rushforth

Psalm 119 vv145-176 I call with my whole heart. Choir and organ
Guildford Cathedral Choir / Stephen Farr, Louise Marsh

Psalm 127 Except the Lord build a house. Choir and organ
Chapel of King's College London / David Trendell, Gavin Roberts

Psalm 130 (129) Out of the deep have I called unto thee, O Lord. Choir and organ
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral / Mervyn Cousins, Richard Lea

Psalm 139, O Lord Thou hast searched me out. Choir and organ
King's College Chapel Cambridge / Stephen Cleobury, Daniel Hyde, Ashley Grote

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