Vallier, John Lionel 'Verne' 31.oct.1919-8.jun.1991 England, London Twickenham - London Croydon
concert pianist, 1925 appeared in public at Wigmore Hall London, studied at Dulwich College, studied with his aunt Mathilde 'Verne' at her Pianoforte School at Cromwell Road in London, 1937-1939 studied with Walter Kerschbaumer at the Vienna Academy of Music, privately with Alfred Cortot and Edwin Fischer, 1946-1952 residing with his mother at 67 Earls Court Square in Kensington, 1952-1959 after the death of his mother he lived at apartment 19A Coleherne Road in Kensington, 1963 professor of piano at the London College of Music and made honorary FLCM, he gave recitals and concerts with major orchestras in the UK and abroad and on radio and tv broadcasts, 1972 residing at 124 Wigmore Street in London, 1983 he gave a Chopin recital at Carnegie Hall in New York, 1986 he gave his last recital at Royal Festival Hall London attended by Queen Elizabeth, at time of death residing at Foxley Lane in Purley Croydon ; son of bass singer Jean Vallier (France, Cette/Sete 2.nov.1863-16.apr.1942 at the French Hospital Shaftesbury while residing in Wembley) and composer Adela Verne

Title Parts

Toccatina. Piano
pub Elkin & Co., London 3aug1950
Benno Moiseiwitsch rec.1950. Testament 1196
Benno Moiseiwitsch rec.1950. Naxos 8.110689
Marc Andre Hamelin. Hyperion 67275

[] Cornish sketches. Piano
pub Elkin & Co., London 3jul1953
[] 1 - Helford Woods
[] 2 - Ghosts of Restormel
[] 3 - Chacewater Express
[] 4 - Dozmare Pool by moonlight
[] 5 - Helston Flora
[] Witches' ride. Piano
depicting the Witches of Zennor, Cornwall
pub Elkin & Co., London 4may1956

[] Variations on "John Peel". Piano
pub Elkin & Co., London 16dec1963

[] The Royal suite. Piano
pub Oxford University Press, Oxford 1986
[] 1 - A royal salute, in honour of H.R.H. the Prince Andrew
[] 2 - Miss Sarah Ferguson, Fergie
[] 3 - Destiny
[] 4 - Waltz
[] 5 - Lullaby
[] 6 - Grand finale, for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
[] Royal lullaby. Piano. 1988
[] Cornish sketches. Piano
republishing or arrangement of Cornish sketches 1953
pub Cramer Music, London. 1989

[] Piano concerto in a. 1990
commissioned from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

[] Classic piano collection
edited by John Vallier
pub Cramer Music, London 1990

[] Humming bird. Piano
[] God save the Queen. Orchestra. b1972
[] God save the Queen. Soprano, choir and orchestra. b1971
[] Songs on poems by Blake, George Wither and Hartley Coleridge. b1972
[] Chopin
edited from mss/early editions and annotated by John Vallier
newly discovered works which were the result of his musicological studies on Chopin and of which he gave the world premieres and first radio performances
pub Oxford University Press, Oxford 1986
[] 1 - Rondeau a la mazur. op5 (B15) (CT193) 
[] 2 - Souvenir de Paganini. (B37) (KK IVa/10)
[] 3 - Nocturne in c sharp. (B49) (KK IVa/16) (CT127)
[] 4 - Prelude in A flat. (B86) (KK IVb/7) (CT191)
[] 5 - Polonaise in c. op40/2 (B121) (CT153)
[] 6 - Etude in A flat. (B130) (KK IIb/3) (CT39)
[] 7 - Waltz in E flat. (KK IVb/10)
[] 8 - Waltz in a. (B150) (KK IVb/11) (CT224)
[] 9 - Mazurka in f. op68/4 (B168) (CT99)
B: M. J. E. Brown, London 1960
KK: K. Kobylanska, Krakow 1977
CT: J. M. Chominski and T.D. Turlo, Warsaw 1990
2003-04-24 19:59:44