Vella, Amedeo Patrizio 28.aug.1839-5.jul.1923 Italy Sicily, Naro near Agrigento - Calabria, Vibo Valentia
military bandmaster, 1860-1866 musician in the band and later promoted to bandmaster of the 54th Infantry Division taking part in the battles of Solferino, Castelfidardo, Custoza and Lissa, some time after 1866 he moved to Vibo Valentia where he became music teacher in the orphanage (now Velantianum)

Title Parts

Una lagrima sulla tomba di mia madre. Marcia funebre. Wind band
composed in memory of his mother Giuseppa Pacinella who died 17 July 1850 when he was 11 years old
publisher Pucci
Banda Ionica. Dunya FY 8007-2

[] Elvira. Mazurka. Wind band
publisher Belati

[] Marcia militaire no42. Wind band
publisher Pezzoli 1920

[] Prestissimo. Galop. Wind band. 1888
[] Vittorio Emanuele III. Marcia. Wind band
publisher Parisi

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