Venuti, Joseph 'Joe' 16.sep.1903-14.aug.1978 USA Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - Washington, Seattle
jazz violinist, 1924 moved to New York City, 1944 active in Los Angeles, 1963 moved to Seattle, he delighted in giving wrong information about his birth, all dictionaries accepted his wrong information without verifying, for instance he said he was born as Giuseppe in Lecco Italy or aboard the ship on which he emigrated to the USA with birth dates and years varying from 4.apr.1898 to 1.sep.1904, all while his birth was actually well documented as Joseph Venuti 16.sep.1903 in the Philadelphia birth index and his Social Security registration

Title Parts

[L] Wild dog. 1930
composed with Eddie Lang
Yuri Torchinsky violin, Dina Paraklina piano

2003-11-21 17:54:18