Veprik, Aleksandr Moiseyevich 11/23.jun.1899-13.oct.1958 Russia Odessa district, Balta - Moscow
pianist, musicologist, until 1914 studied piano with Karl Wendling at Leipzig Conservatory, 1918-1921 composition with Zhitomirsky at St Petersburg Conservatory and 1921-1923 with Myaskovsky at Moscow Conservatory, 1923-1942 taught orchestration at Moscow Conservatory, 1927 traveled Austria, Germany and France

Title Parts

Totenlieder. Viola and piano. op4
Asdis Valdimarsdottir, Jascha Nemtsov

Piano sonata no1. 1922
Jascha Nemtsov. EDA 016

Suite. Violin and piano. op7. 1925
Ingolf Turban, Jascha Nemtsov. SWR 93028

Rhapsody. Viola and piano. 1928. op11
Tabea Zimmermann, Jascha Nemtsov

3 Jewish folk dances. Piano. op13b
Jascha Nemtsov

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