'Verne' Bredt, Alice Barbara Wurm 9.aug.1868-12.apr.1958 England, Southampton - London Kensington
pianist, piano teacher, born at 12 Portland Street, 1893 she adopted the pseudonym Verne from her sister Mathilde and was known professionally as Alice Verne and Alice Verne-Bredt, she sang and played violin and hoped for a career as a singer of light opera but turned to the piano partly because thypoid had ruined her voice, studied piano with Marie Schumann in London, she accompanied her sisters on concert tours, 1908 she won a prize in the Phantasie for strings competition by the Worshipful Company of Musicians, 15.feb.1909 with her sister Mathilde she opened the Mathilde Verne Pianoforte School at the home of Alice and her husband 194 Cromwell Road in Kensington where she taught the juniors which she later organized as department Childrens College of Music, 1947 she was in Leipzig Germany, 1949-1959 residing with her husband at 19 Gunterstone Road in Kensington, she died at Fulham Hospital ; daughter of pianist/professor of music John Evangelist Wurm (Germany, Obersdorf 1828-19.mar.1892 Southampton) and professor of music Marie Sophie Niggl (Germany, Denklingen 1833-1882 London Kensington) ; sister of composers Mary Wurm, Mathilde Verne and Adela Verne ; 14.nov.1903 at the Oratory in Brompton she married merchant/composer William Bredt

Title Parts

[] Quartet fantasie. Piano, violin, viola and cello
performed by Mathilde Verne, Beatrice Langley, Cecilia Gates and May Mukle at Aeolian Hall, London 31jan1907

[] Phantasie in c. Trio in one movement. Piano, violin and cello. 1908
won a prize in 1908
pub Schott & Co., London 1910
performed by Mathilde Verne at Aeolian Hall, London 25jan1912

[] Wiegenlied (Lullaby), fur violine oder violoncello und pianoforte
pub F. E. C. Leuckart, Leipzig 10oct1911
copyright renewal Alice Verne-Bredt, Leipzig 2may1947

[] Valse miniature. 2 Pianos
pub Opus Music Co., London 1913

[] Valse (from the Ascherberg piano school). Piano
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London 1913

[] Four easy inventions for young pianists
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London 15sep1920
copyright renewal Alice Verne Bredt 1sep1948
[] 1 - Musical box
[] 2 - The little drum
[] 3 - Concert study
[] 4 - The doll's promenade
[] Pavane. Piano
from King Henry VIII's "Pavyn", ms British Museum, harmonized by Alice Verne Bredt
pub Reid Bros., London 5jun1924

[] Cradle song (Wiegenlied) (Lullaby). Voice, violin or violoncello and pianoforte
arrangement of Wiegenlied 1911
words Carol Raven of the U.S., music Alice Verne-Bredt
pub Edward B. Marks Music Co., New York 12jul1924
copyright renewal Edward B. Marks Music Corp., New York 31jul1951

[] Piano quintet. b1904
[] Adagio. Strings. 1947
[] Toy suite
[] Mass
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