Wurm 'Verne', Mathilde Sophie 25.may.1865-4.jun.1936 England, Southampton - London Strand
pianist, piano teacher, born at 12 Portland Street, 1893 she took the pseudonym Verne, 1875 she made her first public appearance in a concertino by Hummel, she studied piano with Franklin Taylor in London and 1883-1886 with Clara Schumann in Frankfurt, 6.dec.1886 debuted at the Popular Concerts at St James Hall London, she gave recitals at Steinway Hall and played in chamber concerts at Princes' Hall in London, 22.jan.1887 she played at the Saturday Popular Concerts in London, 1901 piano teacher at 19 St Loo Avenue in London Chelsea, 1903-1907 she played at Henry Wood's Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts, 1908-1912 at the Sunday afternoon concerts, by 1913 she had played at all the principal London concerts, in Germany, the United States and many provincial festivals, 15.feb.1909 with her sister Alice she opened the Mathilde Verne Pianoforte School at the home of Alice and her husband 194 Cromwell Road in Kensington, among her students were her sister Adela, the prodigy Solomon Cutner and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later Queen Elizabeth), 1927 she owned a countryhouse 'Hillside' in Ramsdell Basingstoke, she died at the Savoy Hotel in Strand ; daughter of pianist/professor of music John Evangelist Wurm (Germany, Obersdorf 1828-19.mar.1892 Southampton) and professor of music Marie Sophie Niggl (Germany, Denklingen 1833-1882 London Kensington) ; sister of composers Mary Wurm, Alice Verne and Adela Verne

Title Parts

[] The child's Schumann. Album of six graduated pieces with fingering and pedalling in red. Piano
music Robert Schumann, edited and fingered by Mathilde Verne
pub Reid Bros., London 1925

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