Vielgorsky (Vyelgorsky), count Matvey Yuryevich (polish: Wielhorski, Mateusz) 15/26.apr.1794-5.mar/21.feb.1866 Russia, St Petersburg - Italy, Nice (now France)
amateur cellist, composer of some concert pieces for one or two cellos, 1804-1806 lived in Riga, took part in concerts in St Petersburg and Moscow salons and abroad, on occasion in trios with Liszt, Henselt, Vieuxtemps, possessed a unique collection of instruments including a Stradivarius cello which he later gave to Karl Davydov ; son of a polish diplomat at the russian court count Juri Wielhorski of Volhynia ; brother of violist Josef Wielhorski, cellist Aleksandr Wielhorski and composer count Mikhail Vielgorsky ; related to composer count Iosif Vielgorsky (1818-1892)

Title Parts

Theme and variations. Cello and orchestra. b1823
published posthumously from his nachlass (inheritance) as "Lied mit variationen" for cello and orchestra (D) by Breitkopf und Hartel, Leipzig Germany (probably orchestrated by an uncredited editor)
Alexander Rudin, Academic CO Musica Viva / Alexander Rudin

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