Vielgorsky (Vyelgorsky), count Mikhail Yuryevich (polish: Wielhorski, Michal) 31.oct/11.nov.1788-28.aug/9.sep.1856 Russia, St Petersburg - Moscow
amateur violinist, pianist, composer, 1804-1806 lived in Riga, 1808-1810 studied with Cherubini in Paris ; son of a polish diplomat at the russian court count Juri Wielhorski of Volhynia ; brother of violist Josef Wielhorski, cellist Aleksandr Wielhorski and cellist/composer count Matvey Vielgorsky ; related to composer count Iosif Vielgorsky (1818-1892)

[Baker 1900 gives born Volhynia Poland (now Ukraine) ; Grove 2002 gives died 28.sep/10.oct.1856]

Title Parts

[] Air varie (Air and variations). Cello and orchestra. b1823
? misattribution of "Lied mit variationen" by Matvey

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