Vierne, Louis Victor Jules 8.oct.1870-2.jun.1937 France, Poitiers - Paris
organist, born blind at 7 rue de l'Eperon, 1877 an operation restored his sight partially, 1880 his family moved from Lille to Paris, 1881 studied piano, violin, solfege and harmony at Institution Nationale des Jeunes Aveugles for the blind, 1886 studied organ with Louis Lebel, 1888 harmony privately with Cesar Franck, 1890-1894 studied organ with Cesar Franck and Charles Marie Widor at the Conservatoire National de Paris, 1894 1er prix organ, 1892 teacher organ as assistant to Widor and 1896 to Guilmant, he was never appointed professor of organ at the Conservatoire, 21.may.1900 until death organist of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, he became blind again and suffered from depressions because of problems in his personal relationships and financial difficulties, he died from a heart attack during a recital at the organ of Notre-Dame ; son of the journalist of 'Journal de Vienne (Poitiers)' 'Memorial de Lille' 'Paris-Journal' 'Le Gaulois' and finally chef correcteur of 'Le Figaro' Henri Vierne (Liseux 1828-5.jun.1886 Paris) and Marie Josephine Gervaz (c1842-25.mar.1911), after the death of her husband housekeeper to Dr. Magnan in Paris Suresnes ; brother of composer Rene ; 20.apr.1899 in Paris he married Berthe Arlette Taskin (Paris 16.sep.1880-), divorced 4.aug.1909 ; after 1909 he married Jeanne Montjovet, separated

Title Parts

[] Symphonie pour orgue no1 in d. 1895. op14 6 - Finale
Symphony no3 in f sharp. Organ. 1911. op28
[] 24 Pieces en style libre. Organ. 1913. op31 19 - Berceuse
Piano quintet. Piano and string quartet. 1917. op42
Claire Marie Le Guay, Debussy Quartet

[] Pieces de fantaisie. Suite no2. Organ. 1926. op53 2 - Sicilienne
3 - Hymne du soleil
[] Pieces de fantaisie. Suite no3. Organ. 1927. op54 3 - Etoile du soir
4 - Fantomes
6 - Carillon de Westminster
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