Biek, Vera Pavlovna Vinogradova 23.feb.1895-19.sep.1982 Russia, Nizhny Novgorod - England Sussex, Chichester
pianist, piano teacher, studied under Aleksandr Glazunov, Leonid Nikolayev and Maximilian Steinberg at the Leningrad (St Petersburg) Conservatory where she was professor of piano after graduating, 3.feb.1923 she gave a recital with vocalist Zinaida Juryevskaya and violinist Iosef Achron at the Meistersaal Berlin, 29.jun.1937 her passport was issued at Tallinn, 1937 she settled in London England, 9.feb.1938 her last permanent residence was Tallinn and her nationality still Estonian, 9.feb.1938 she traveled with Mrs. Gladys Hobson from Southampton to New York, 1945-1959 she resided at 8 The Leys London Camden, 1960-1968 she resided with Iva Dear at 95 Fitzjohns Avenue London Camden, 27.sep.1982 her death notice appeared in the London Times ; before 1922 she married
composer/pianist Hermann Bernhard Biek (Estonia, Reval 23.sep.1896-10.aug.1944 England, London) ; their son Leopold 'Leo' Biek (Tallinn 1921-?1984 London) resided with Valerie E Biek at 15 Belsize Square London Camden 1946-1984 ; their daughter Nina Vinogradova Biek (born 1922/1937 [? Tallinn c1924] - now living in Bungay Suffolk England), international concert pianist, 1985-2011 concerted throughout the UK, 2000-2008 she organized concerts at Holy Trinity Church in Bungay, early 2011 she gave a piano recital at Geldeston Hall in Geldeston 2 miles from Bungay

[Vodarsky 1969 gives erroneously born Leningrad]

Title Parts

[] Tableaux d'enfants. Piano. op25
pub Musikverlag Edition Benno Balan, Berlin c1932

[] Toccatina. Piano. op29
pub Augener & Co., London 1938

[] Friends of youth. Piano
composed by Hermann Biek and Vera Vinogradova
played by Mariya Veniaminovna Yudina (1899-1970)

[] Piano concerto
[] Ballade. Piano and chamber orchestra
[] String quartet
[] Suite. Violin and piano
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