Vois, Pieter Alewijnszoon de 1581-26.may.1654 Netherlands, ?Den Haag - Den Haag
blind organist, klokkenist (carilonneur), violinist, organ builder, roman catholic, studied with Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, 1604 appointed organist and klokkenist of the Grote of St Jacobskerk in Den Haag, 1613-1618 he also played the clavecimbel of the magistrate of Den Haag, after 16.oct.1621 he rejected the offer to succeed Sweelinck as organist of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, 13.dec.1621 and 30.mar.1622 he received a raise in salary as organist of the St Jacobskerk, 1629 he collaborated with the organ builder firm G en G van Hagerbeer with the installation of a new organ at the St Jacobskerk and remained active as advisor and inspector for the firm, 26.jul.1646 he was inspector for the new organ at the St Laurenskerk in Rotterdam, he taught keyboard instruments to Constantijn Huygens ; father of organist Alewijn Pieterszoon de Vois ; grandfather of organist Pieter Alewijnszoon de Vois jr.

Title Parts

[] 't Uitnement kabinet, vol paduanen, allmanden, sarbanden, couranten, balletten, intraden, airs &c. Recorder, violin or flute solo pieces. pub Paulus Matthyszoon, Amsterdam 1646-1649
edited by Rudolf A. Rasch, pub Saul B. Groen, Amsterdam 1973
in Book I of 1646 :
- Fantasia in g
- Je ne puis eviter. composed with Steven van Eyck and Jacob van Eyck
Willem Noske violin. r1965
[] - Fantasia I
[] - Fantasia II
[] - Brande Yrlandt
[] - Passomeso d'Italij
[] Pieces for recorder in Jacob van Eyck's anthology Der gooden fluyt-hemel of 1644
edited by Rudolf A. Rasch, pub Saul B. Groen, Amsterdam 1973
[] - Fantasia I
[] - Fantasia II
[] - Pavane de Spanje
[] Variaties over Je ne puis eviter. Carillion
in Haags beiaard boek 1975
edited by Heleen van der Weel, published Den Haag 1975

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