Walker, Robin 1953- England, York
1961-1966 chorister at York Minster, studied with David Lumsdaine at Durham University, at Keble College Oxford and the Royal College of Music in London, 1980-1987 taught at the University of Manchester

Title Parts

I have thee by the hand, O man. 40-part Choir. 2002
Tallis Scholars / Peter Phillips

[] Dance/Still. Flute, clarinet, guitar, percussion, violin and cello. 1982
[] Dances with chant and chorales. Organ. 1986
[] I Thirst. String quartet. 1994
Camerata Ensemble

[] Halifax. Pianola. 1994
[] The stone maker. Orchestra. 1996
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra / Elgar Howarth

[] Dances from the bells of Blue Island. Recorder, violin and cello. 2003
2003-01-11 23:21:10