Wallace, Peter John Charles 25.jul.1867-6.may.1953 Australia Victoria, Sale - Henty (bur Melbourne)
amateur musician, military warrant officer, 1903 residing in Wangaratta, 1909-1914 as drill instructor residing at 321 Neil Street in Ballarat Victoria, for some years prior to 1914 as warrant officer stationed at the A.A.M.C. office at Ballarat, 1917 he stayed in Benalla Victoria for six months where he helped the local Red Cross with voice, costume and raising funds, was intermediary in the purchase of a piano for the Drill Hall and helped to build up the piano fund, 13.sep.1917 a social gathering in honor of him was held by the ladies of the piano fund committee at Benalla because he had been recalled to Melbourne for camp duties, 1924-1932 residing at Drill Hall, Dryburgh Street in Melbourne and Tarella Road in Flinders near Melbourne, 28.feb.1924 he took part in the 13th Light Horse Brigade military manoeuvres at the Sale drill hall grounds, 1936-1949 as retired soldier residing at 12 Mile End Road in Henty Victoria, he was buried at Box Hill Cemetery in Melbourne ; son of Ferguson Wallace (28.apr.1835-18.nov.1906) and Helen Gibson (17.oct.1825-29.oct.1901) ; he married Edith Gerner Brain (17.jan.1881-31.mar.1955)

Title Parts

[] Somewhere in Palestine. Voice and piano
World War I Song (1914-1918)
dedication: Respectfully dedicated to the memory of brave men who have 'gone West
words and music P. J. C. Wallace
pub P. J. C. Wallace, Victoria Australia 1919
the sheet music cover has portrait of Warrant Officer P. J. C. Wallace

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