Varshavsky (Warshavsky), Mark Markovich 1840/1845/1848-1907 Russia, Zhitomir - Kiev
jewish amateur singer, lyricist, songwriter, graduated from the Kiev University and practiced law in Kiev, he composed and sang Yiddish songs for pleasure and never thought of publishing them, adviced by lyricist Sholom Aleychem (1859-1916) he published his first 25-song collection 'Judische Volkslieder' which became a great success, many of his songs became very popular and were regarded as folksongs

Title Parts

[] Oyfn pripetshek brent a fayerl (By the fireside). Song
arr for string quartet Silverman/Anger
Turtle Island String Quartet. Windham Hill Jazz 11175

[] Di yontevdike teg (The festival days). Song
[] Di m'zinke oysgebebn (I gave away my youngest daughter). Song
[] Tsum badekens der kale. Song (subject: tears)
[] Tsum badekens. Song (subject: Jewish wedding ritual)
[] A Yidish lid fun Ruminien. Song (subject: sadness)
[] Peisach. Song (subject: pogroms)
[] Neben klaisel. Song (subject: poverty)
[] A brif fun Amerike. Song (subject: immigration)
[] Di shif. Song (subject: immigration)
[] Der zeide mit der babe. Song (subject: family anniversary)
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