Weir, Judith (fem) 11.may.1954- England, Cambridge

Title Parts

King Harald's saga. Grand opera. For solo-voice: 8 roles for 1 soprano. 1979 in 3 acts and epilogue. 10:00 (is complete)
Don't let that horse. Soprano and horn. 1990
Jane Manning, Janes Minstrels / Roger Montgomery

Love bade me welcome. Choir and organ
New College Oxford Choir / Edward Higginbottom. Avie Records 2085

The voice of desire. Mezzosoprano and piano. Song cycle. 2003
Alice Coote, Julius Drake
1 - The voice of desire
2 - White eggs in the bush
3 - Terrestrial things
4 - Sweet little red feet
2000-10-28 22:38:36