White, Booker 'Bukka' T Washington 12.nov.1906-26.feb.1977 USA Mississippi, Houston - Tennessee, Memphis
blues singer, steel guitarist, 1915 received his first guitar lessons from his father, 1930 made his first recording with Napoleon Hairston in Memphis, 1934-1937 performed with George 'Bullet' Williams in Mississippi clubs, 1937-1939 he was imprisoned at Mississippi State Penitentiary for murder (self-defense) where he recorded prison blues for Alan Lomax, 1963 he made a revival and toured the United States and Europe ; son of railroad worker and musician John White (Sparta near Houston 1879-) and preacher's daughter Lula Davidson (Sparta 1883-) ; 1926 he married Jesse Bea (Sparta 1909-1928 Houston) ; 1934 he married Susie Simpson

[Eileen Southern 1981 gives born 12.nov.1909 ; the Social Security death index gives born 12.nov.1900 which probably means 'year unknown' because the 1920 census gives born 1905 when he was living with his grandparents Davidson in Sparta]

Title Parts

[P] When can I change my clothes. Prison song. Voice, guitar and washboard. 1940
Bukka White, Sam Washboard. Columbia

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