White, Mary Elise Fellows (fem) 14.nov.1873-22.mar.1953 USA Maine, Skowhegan - ?, ?
violinist, writer on music, 1884 studied violin with Timothee Adamowski and Leandro Campanari, harmony with Stephen A Emery and theory with Louis C Elson at New England Conservatory in Boston, studied violin for 7 years with Franz Kneisel, 1891-1892 studied with Jacob Grun and Max Lewinger in Vienna where she played at a musicale given by Frau Cecilia Frank and at a reception of Col. Fred. D. Grant minister of Austria, she debuted in Boston King's Chapel with the Cecilia Society under Benjamin Lang, debuted in New York with Nordica in a Bagby Concert at the Waldorf-Astoria, 1895-1896 toured the United States and Canada, 1896 violinist with the New York Women's Symphony Orchestra, 1897-1898 studied harmony and counterpoint with Eugene Gruenberg at Colby College in Waterville Maine, 1898 she emigrated to Canada settling with her husband in rural British Columbia (Yale/Cariboo/Kootenay), 1908 she separated her husband and returned to Skowhegan, 1914 she toured Maine with singer Charles Marshall, 1920 she was violinist at Maine Composers Day by the Rossini Club in Portland, 1925 she had a broadcast of her compositions on WBZ radio in Boston, contributed articles to the Music Quarterly, Musical Observer, New Music Review, Violin World and Chicago Music News, 1927-1929 residing at 82 Fessenden Street Portland and 1930 lived with her mother in Cambridge Massachusetts ; daughter of bank cashier James Fellows (Maine, Waterville 21.oct.1837-3.jul.1914 Skowhegan) and choral singer Deborah Thomas Swan (Skowhegan Bloomfield 19.jun.1846-25.dec.1934 Portland) ; 16.nov.1898 in Skowhegan she married mining engineer/mine owner Bruce Miller White (Wisconsin, Ontonagon 1.jun.1861-15.nov.1918 BC Nelson) ; son Bruce Hugh Miller (BC Nelson 7.oct.1900-16.dec.1983 Maine, Brunswick), son James Fellows (BC Nelson 27.apr.1907-20.jun.1970 Maine, Bangor)

Title Parts

[] A song to Maine. Song
song of the State of Maine Daughters of the American Revolution
words Louise Helen Coburn
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston 1911

[] In the silence. Song
words James Allan McKechnie (1911-1964)
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston 1908

[] Twilight. Song
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston 1909

[] Song of the sea
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston 1909 (M.V.V.)

[] For remembrance. Voice and violin
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston 1910

[] The Angelus. Violin and piano or organ. 1912
[] The Bluebird. Violin and piano. 1914
[] Spring song. Voice and violin
pub E. F. White 1916

[] Etude caprice. Violin and piano. 1922
[] Prelude in G. Violin and piano or organ. 1923
[] Madrigal. Soprano, alto, 30-voice female choir, violin and piano
Spring Concert, Portland Rossini Club 1927

[] Fairy tale. Violin and piano
[] Song of the dawn
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston

[] Out of the night. Song
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston

[] A sigh. Song
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston

[] As rivers seek the sea. Song
words Christina Rossetti
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston

[] My love is come. Song
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston

[] Song of the dawn
pub C. W. Thompson Co., Boston

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