Whitlock, William 'Billy' M 1813-1878 USA NY, New York - New York
banjoist, songwriter, began as typesetter for the New York Herald, 1838 he learned to play the banjo and rapidly gained a reputation as a minstrel performer, 1843 he formed the Virginia Minstrels with violinist Dan Emmett, bones Frank Brower and tambourine Dick Pelham, 6.feb.1843 giving a full minstrel show at the New York Bowery Amphitheatre, 21.apr.1843 they went to England but broke up after a show on 14.jul.1843, 2.sep.1843 he was back in New York, 28.jul.1845 he joined Dan Emmett, Jerry Bryant, Dan Gardner and Charles White to form the Operatic Brothers and Sisters giving a week of outdoor performances in Hoboken New Jersey, 1855 as musician living in election district 4, ward 21 (area Lexington Avenue, Manhattan) in New York City with his wife Mary (New York City 1817-), son James (New York City 1834-), daughter Charlotte (New York City (New York City 1836-) and daughter Caroline (New York City 1838-)

Title Parts

The early minstrel show. r1980
David van Keersbilck t, Brian Mark bt, Roger Smith b, Peter DiSante lead, Vincent Tufo fiddle, Robert Winans banjo, Matthew Heumann tambourine, Percy Danforth bones
[P] Mary Blane
[P] Miss Lucy Long
2002-04-27 23:41:18