Bethune (ne Wiggins), Thomas Greene 'blind Tom' 25.may.1849-13.jun.1908 USA Georgia, Westmoreland plantation near Columbus - New Jersey, Hoboken (bur Brooklyn)
supernatural gifted autistic pianist, son of Domingo Wiggins and Charity Greene, slaves of James Bethune

Title Parts

Battle of Manassas. Piano. 1861 pub1866
John Davis. Newport Classics 85660
- The southern army leaving home to the tune of "The girl I left behind me"
- Northern army leaving Washington to the tune of "Dixie"
- The eve of battle
- The noise of arms and accoutrements
- General Beauregard's trumpets
- General McDowells trumpets
- "Yankee doodle" heard through the noise of battle and cannon
- "Star spangled banner" indicating the presence of the northern troops
- Reinforcements arriving under General Kirby Smith
- Train bringing southern troops
- The battle rages more furiously
- The northern troops retreat in confusion
[] Virginia polka. Piano. 1861
John Davis. Newport Classics 85660

[] The rainstorm. Piano. 1865
John Davis. Newport Classics 85660

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