Bethune (ne Wiggins), Thomas Greene 'blind Tom' 25.may.1849-13.jun.1908 USA Georgia, Westmoreland plantation near Columbus - New Jersey, Hoboken (bur Brooklyn)
supernatural gifted autistic pianist ; son of Domingo Wiggins and Charity Greene, slaves of James Bethune

Title Parts

Battle of Manassas. Piano. 1861 pub1866
John Davis. Newport Classics 85660
- The southern army leaving home to the tune of "The girl I left behind me"
- Northern army leaving Washington to the tune of "Dixie"
- The eve of battle
- The noise of arms and accoutrements
- General Beauregard's trumpets
- General McDowells trumpets
- "Yankee doodle" heard through the noise of battle and cannon
- "Star spangled banner" indicating the presence of the northern troops
- Reinforcements arriving under General Kirby Smith
- Train bringing southern troops
- The battle rages more furiously
- The northern troops retreat in confusion
[] Virginia polka. Piano. 1861
John Davis. Newport Classics 85660

[] The rainstorm. Piano. 1865
John Davis. Newport Classics 85660

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