Williamson, 'Sonny Boy' II (ne Miller, Alex) 5.dec.1912-25.may.1965 USA Mississippi Tallahatchie County, Glendora - Arkansas, Helena (bur Tutwiler)
blues singer, harmonica player, early in life named Alex 'rice', later he used the name Willie, c1930 he married Margret, they had no children and soon separated, 21.nov.1941 began broadcasting for the Interstate Grocer Company in Helena, 4.jun.1949 he married Mattie L Jones in West Memphis Arkansas, 1951 made his first recording in Jackson Mississippi, 1957 moved to Chicago, 1963-1964 toured Europe ; 1920 aged 7 living in Money, Leflore County Mississippi with his father farmer Jim Miller (Alabama 1854-1933 Union County), mother farmer Millie Miller (Mississippi 1849-c1926 Money), brother James Miller (Glendora 1904-), sister Mary Miller Ashford (Glendora 1.may.1906-11.oct.1995 Tutwiler) and brother Boyakin Miller (Glendora 1907-)

his stepbrother with whom he has always been confused:
Miller, Willie (ne Ford, Willie) 1898-19?? USA Mississippi Tallahatchie County, Glendora / 1930 Union County - ?, ?
son of unknown Ford (Oklahoma 18??-), stepbrother of Alex, he took his stepfather's name Miller, 1910 aged 12 living in Glendora with his mother farmer Millie Ford (Missisippi 1863-c1926 Money ; in 1910 mother of 18 children of which 9 still alive), stepfather farmer Jim Miller (Alabama 1857-1933 Union County), stepsister Robertine Miller (Glendora 1897-), stepsister Annie B Miller (Glendora 1900-), stepsister Julia Miller Barner (Glendora 8.aug.1900-11.oct.1995 Tutwiler), stepbrother Jimmie Miller (Glendora 1904-), stepsister Mary Miller Ashford (Glendora 1.may.1906-11.oct.1995 Tutwiler) and stepbrother Pessim Miller (Glendora 1907-) ; 1930 living as farmer in Union County, Mississippi with his widowed stepfather Jim Miller (Alabama 1861-1933 Union County) and Madila (1901-) who he had married 1918 ; his WWI registration card of 1918 says Willie Miller, born 1898, living in Glendora

[he has been confused with his older brother because he lied about his age: the year 1897 he gave in an interview in Copenhagen 1963 has long been considered as the most reliable, later his date of birth was usually given as 5.dec.1899 according his Trumpet contract and blues historian Gayle Dean Wardlow, Lillian McMurry of Trumpet said 12.mar.1905, his gravestone says 1908, his passport 1909 ; William E Donoghue revealed it was 1912 after Mary Ashford and Julia Barner told him in 1995 his real name was Alex Miller, was the youngest of Millie Miller's 21 children and we gave him the name 'rice' when he was a baby]

Title Parts

[P] Recordings for Trumpet, Jackson Mississippi 1951-1954 - Nine below zero
- Mighty long time
- She brought life back
- Stop now
- Mister Downchild
- Sonny Boys Christmas blues
[P] Recordings for Chess, Chicago 1957-1963 - One way out
- Too young too die
- Trust my baby
- Checking up on my baby
- Sad to be alone
- Got to move
- Bring it on home
- Down child
- Peachtree
- Dissatisfied
- That's all I want
- Too old to think
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